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Convey your message clearer than ever with state-of-the-art animations, presentations, and videos designed to take your breath away. Lending a hand when you need it, the Angry Chicken Media team knows what it takes to impact consumer behavior and help you grow as a professional. Tell your core message the way you see fit with storytelling that aims to captivate.

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Bringing your characters to life

Tailor built personalities with intriguing dialogue and expressions are waiting to put products and services on display. Capture the complete attention of your demographic with cartoon based storytelling that knows no boundaries. Include a strong voiceover and catchy soundtrack while a character takes a stroll through your business.

Throw it on a White or Blackboard

Incredibly effective in delivering messages, this unique tool is so much more than entertaining. Businesses of any size will be able to capitalize on visual aids, breaking down key points in an approachable manner. Engage and motivate consumers or your team with appealing animations that are fun to watch.

Animations That Work

30 to 60-second clips can be the perfect vehicle for propelling what you have to offer to the world. Graphics loaded with plenty of movement and colors creates imagery of a different caliber. In addition to text and images, our team is able to produce statistics or graphs to illustrate your most important points.

Put Graphics to Motion

Provide a clearer picture of your business goals by bringing logos, images, and photos alive. A wow factor like none other is achievable through a variety of high-end special effects meant to tie a video together. Whether created for an introduction, conclusion, or as a layer to existing footage, motion graphics can breathe life into your message.

Media Animation Services That Deliver

Set yourself apart from the rest by breaking free from traditional advertising

Increase the life of your marketing and branding campaigns with a cost-effective solution to your needs. Speak your mind in 30-seconds or more with animated content tacking your range of products or services head-on.

Within advertising, it is essential to make your brand stand out from the rest. Reflect your company’s personality through a talented team that was made to produce custom animations of all natures.

Whether your aim is B2B or B2C marketing, unique animations can captivate and lead to higher conversion rates. Stand tall and speak your message clearly with ACM, we are sure to listen!

Animation video works.


321 Water

Heart Felt

Motion Graphics ad Effects

Explainer Video

Character Animation

Explainer Video

Animation Character Video

A venue to reach goals


Central Business Brokers

Visa Seminar Whiteboard Animation

This fertility health and recipes app

This fertility health and recipes app

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