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9 hours ago

Angry Chicken Media

Some people like flowers, some people like to go clothes shopping.
At Angry Chicken Media we go nuts about #gadgets #gear and #equipment
Omg we are excited about #new #upgraded #drone today!
hyped we are not worthy your black sleek hotness lol
The 4K footage this bad boy punches out OMG, YES!
Next wedding on the 24th of this month you will be the lucky first.
And all our 8 $990 business video offer clients (2 up for the taking) all get our new drone on shoot too! #lucky #agency #filming #flying #geeks #eventhecatsexcited #4K #footage #DJIphantom4proObsedian
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3 days ago

Angry Chicken Media

"We are family, ive got all my sisters with me"
"Respect find out what it means to me - respect take care TCB"
We are saying "a little pray for yooou" ♥️
RIP. what an inspiring and incredible god gifted woman.
Thank you for what you brought your generation and those that followed. #ArethaFranklin #respect #loss #singer #gospel #missed #artist #talent #gifted
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Shadow is beautiful!
in film and photography its lovely to get the depth and emotion with shadow.
Don't be afraid of some shadows - it's raw and real and often where on a shoot a client might think "can you cut the dark shot out" or "lighten this footage here please" but you take away a nice creative and artistic moment that shows the reality of the room - light in behind the subject will create shadow unless you blow the ISO right out and even then you might risk getting "noise" aka fuzzy!
So leave these shots in and just embrace some shadow it's arty and rich and looks great for a moment in the video.
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What's holding you back from being highly successful and known online? 🤔 Maybe you’ve not yet mastered the world of video?

It's a "long game" and one that you need to do often, combined with professional and live style chats, interviews and chats-to-camera presence.🤳🤜🎬

It has worked on thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs who have mastered in the how’s’ of keeping their audiences engaged, excited, motivated and even just being able to relate to them as human beings.

The days of one good business video on your website and sitting back is GONE! Nowadays you WILL need to commit to video adverts to make sure you pop up, again and again, every week or every few weeks on social media so you are not lost in all those online noises.

We use drone and take images 📷 to get more contents and load you up with quality you can use across banners, social post, website and email marketing.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it! Our female creative director is an on-camera coach and what we need from you is just to understand your goals, message, values and brand that you intend to deliver to your audience and she will guide you on every steps, full processes, and even have it delivered naturally on camera.☺

Our current filming packages are already set at a great value of $1270 Plus GST #wow! But to celebrate this quiet cold month🧣before the kick off of the wedding season 🤵👰, we thought why not just give more businesses and people running events the chance to get quality film, photo and drone services for just $990 #WHAT

We are here to build relationships not "win jobs" relationships and your success is our top focus.

This video is a short showcase of our work across all the different styles of industries we work with.We also offer wedding filming services here

We have launched 10 of these packages over the weekend and are only left with 8 packages on offer!

So in order to secure this special rate, we will need 50% of the package price as a deposit.Contact us now to secure your reduced half-day package and set up a time to discuss your film and photo-shoot with our creative director.

Learn more here at or email and of course reach out to us anytime on messenger!
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1 week ago

Angry Chicken Media

Sunday! #family time.

Filming weddings means alot of Saturdays we are filming our beautiful couples but Sundays often for the family.❤

No matter how busy we get we always give a day to the kids and really enjoy giving them treats and hugs!

Today we celebrate 1year old bday! in our family @blakestrangwick Travs younger brothers son turns 1.

Happy Birthday Milo we can't believe your 1 already. 😮

See you at the party soon we are on our way!!!
#birthday #familytime #party #oneyear #car #selfie #blessed #grateful #wonderfullife #celebration #milestone
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